21st May 2017.


It was a long day and night but there I was sat waiting, heart pumping and adrenaline going.


The only thing that mattered was the here and now, nothing else. 


Sat looking towards the floor, I looked up to see the nurse holding what I’ve waited to see my entire life.

“Congratulations, you’re a daddy!”


I held Thomas in my arms for the first time and just couldn’t believe that he was here. Mine and Claire’s little boy!


It’s weird how your entire mindset changes in an instant when you realise you’re now a parent.


Up until that point, like the majority of men, my reason for entering the gym would be to look good.


I've been doing Crossfit for a number of years now, racking up personal bests, getting muscle ups and competing in various competitions.


As I stood there with Thomas crying in my arms, my purpose for, well, everything changed. But what was certain was this…


I will be fit and healthy for as long as I possibly can so I could watch him grow into the awesome man he’s going to be.


My idea of hell is either leaving Thomas and my wife Claire earlier than I have to or my joints and muscles failing me so I have to watch life unfold before me in a chair, instead of being an active player.


I then saw Patrick Beach on instagram do these amazing things with his body. His balance, strength and mobility was incredible. The way he could control himself in space was nothing short of incredible.


No limited movement, just him, his body and the strength and mobility to control himself.


I tried one of his programs immediately and couldn’t do it, it was that tough! But despite the difficulty, I was left on my back, heart pumping, sweating like I was at Crossfit and questioning why I couldn’t control my body.


From that point on I was hooked. I was introduced to the world of yoga and all the incredible benefits that come with it.


So what you are reading is Yogi Begins, a place for guys who aren’t living in the short term world of six packs but searching for a way to be healthier for the long term. 


You might have a different reason for this than me but whatever it is subscribe to the site via the form below and join me on the journey.


In a bit.

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