10 awesome male yogis on Instagram who will inspire you

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

It’s getting better...

Guys haven’t really considered yoga as their main source of exercise for quite sometime but there are more and more guys hitting the mat. 

A study done in 2016 showed that 28% of all yoga practitioners in the US were male, an increase from 17% in 2012. 10 million guys getting their Om on!

If you’re like me, I love to see what can be done with the human body to stay inspired. So here are 10 guys that are absolutely killing it on Instagram and online. 

1. Dylan Werner

One of the yogis I follow intensely. His programs on Alo Moves are insanely good and his work is just pure inspiration. Should be the next Spider-Man!

2. Patrick Beach

Like Dylan, Patrick does a lot of work on Alo Moves and I tend to skip between the two of them. A lot of his work is based around flow (or Vinyasa) and they’re incredibly great workouts. 

3. Josh Kramer

What I like about Josh and his account is it’s a more personal account. You get to see a glimpse into his personal life and get a feel as to why Yoga is important to him. 

4. Tim Senesi

The first yogi I discovered on YouTube and his 30 day challenges are a great introduction to Hatha Yoga. 

5. Adam Husler

Based in the UK, he makes a lot of the poses look effortless. If I could get to the point aren’t balancing on my arms with a red face like Adam pulls of, I’ll be a happy man!

6. Sean Phelps

I read somewhere that he discovered Yoga in his 30s. To say he’s now doing the level of stuff he’s doing now gives me hope I haven’t started too late. His feed is jut awesome!

7. DeAndre Sinette

What’s cool about this insta account is it’s not just a feed that will get you pumped but there are some great tutorials on there too. For a daily dose of inspiration with help, get DeAndre followed. 

8. Finlay Wilson

Dubbed the “Scottish Yoga Boy”, the range of motion this guys demonstrates is insane!

9. Jacob Manning

I don’t quite understand how Jacob manages to look like “yeah, I’m balancing on one arm, so what?” but it’s pretty incredible. Makes everything look easy. 

10. Men at Yoga

Just a general account of male yogis smashing it, if you’re looking to follow something more collective. 

I hope you get these guys followed and they inspire you as much as they have me. 

In a bit. 

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