5 Game Changing Benefits Of Vinyasa That Will Lead To Greater Long Term Health

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Vinyasa is possibly the most popular form of yoga at the moment and with good reason. As more and more people are flocking to the classes, I think their perception of what yoga is is changing and they’ve realised it’s actually a great workout. 

I still feel that guys can benefit from doing this but might be put off because of what their perception of yoga is (if you want further inspiration, check out these guys on Instagram). 

So here are five awesome benefits of Vinyasa that will rock your world and lead to long term health.


Your relative strength will increase significantly

You’ve heard me talk about relative strength before (I’ll cover what that is in tomorrow’s post) but vinyasa is an insanely great way to create strength within the body. 

Short of doing gymnastics, possibly the best way to increase relative strength, this is the next best thing. All you have is you and your body moving through space so your strength increases in relation to your bodyweight. As we move through our day, it’s us and our bodies…we don’t carry dumbbells around with you!

The great thing is you’re increasing the strength in the tiny supporting muscles (stabiliser muscles) that you wouldn’t get from typical gym sessions, creating stability and strength throughout your body.

Its better than going for a run, if you’re looking to lose weight

In terms of calories burned during a session, you’ll probably think I’m bullshitting. 

However, there are plenty of resources and studies that show weight bearing exercise constructed in a way that gets your heart pumping has a greater effect AFTER the session of continually burning calories. 

Studies have shown that the intensity of a session has a greater effect on EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) than a longer more moderate session. The concept of EPOC is that more calories are burnt when more oxygen is consumed. Strength training, high intensity sessions stimulate the need for more oxygen, therefore, burning more calories after the session.

Any form of strength training with a high heart rate will have more of an effect than going out for a run.

So consider taking the upward facing dog out, instead of getting your running trainers on, every now and then. 

Your posture will improve

Typically, our jobs have us either in cars, vans or at a desk, which plays havoc with our front body posture. 

Being at a keyboard means rounded shoulders through constant internal rotation at the shoulder joint, tighter chest muscles and a weaker back through the constant posterior tilt of our pelvis. 

For a stronger foundation in plank, downward facing dog and other exercises on our hands, vinyasa encourages you to lock the upper arm into the shoulder joint by externally rotating, counteracting the stress we’ve created day to day. 

And through proper alignment of the pelvis and various back bends, our back will become much stronger too. 

The other benefit being if we look less rounded, we’ll look bigger and more athletic too. Win win!

Your core strength will explode!

I mentioned earlier that your stabiliser muscles will be worked and help increase strength. 

But the ultimate stabiliser muscles are the muscles in your core. 


Because no movement can happen without a strong core keeping your trunk sturdy. 

Through deep breathing and full body movement, your abs, obliques and the TVA muscles will have a workout like no other. Try Patrick Beach’s first session in his Full Body Strength program and you’ll know exactly what I mean!

Zen like calmness without the Om

One of the reasons I was put off from Yoga for so long was my perception that you had to Om and chant and stuff like that. I aren’t a spiritual guy so this side of things didn’t appeal to me.

However, studies have repeatedly demonstrated that Vinyasa can significantly lower stress, relieve anxiety and create a sense of calm in the mind and body. Not only does exercise help with this but the extra focus on proper breathing calms the nervous system and this radiates throughout the body.

I’m all for being chilled, just so long as I don’t have to Om, so this works for me!

Give Vinyasa a try and let me know what you think by commenting below. 

In a bit. 

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