6 weeks to handstand review

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

I’ve always been scared of giving handstands a go. 

I remember trying one years ago with some of the boys in the gym. I’ve never done one but thought because I was a fit lad using gym rings and bodyweight training, I should be able to get this.

Then it happened….


I went over as flat as a plank, straight onto my back. The lads laughed but the wind had escaped my body, not sharing the embarrassment with me.

Since then, never even tried…

Always wanted to be able to do it though.

I saw all the insane arm balances and handstands from people in the yoga world and just yearned for that skill to be in my repertoire. My heart wanted it, my head said no.

One of the guys I saw on instagram posted a caption alongside his superhuman pose that answered the common question a beginner asks… "where do I start?” 

He mentioned that if he was to start again, he would do this, Kyle Weiger’s 6 Weeks to Handstand course. Perfect for beginners.

I stalked Kyle on instagram and viewed his testimonials from people of all ages. There were people a lot older than me bragging about their ability to defy gravity.

 He clearly knows what he’s doing, he has a tribe of students who can do this stuff and it was a challenge to not only get the handstand but conquer fear. Could I really get a handstand in 6 weeks?!

So I suspended disbelief and went for it…

This was week 1…

Yep, another timber moment!

This was me holding on to something I shouldn’t have but part of the process is learning when you’ve got it, when you can save it and when you need to get out.

Each session all the way throughout focuses on your static strength, the holds, building up the intensity. 

I felt myself getting stronger as the weeks went by, sometimes the jump in strength was insane from one week to the next, particularly in the hollow holds. A great core burner if ever there was one!

I also found that my awareness within my own body started to improve. There are so many checks to think about and all in a split second. 

Like my hands…was I gripping the floor?

What about my shoulders? Were they locked and were my biceps facing forward?

Was my pelvis tilting in the right direction?

Kyle did an awesome job of keeping these checks front of mind with his cues and coaching through the videos. The sessions were awesome too, varied but structured and not a single one where I didn’t feel I was moving forward.

Which all led to this…

A handstand!

I caught my first one in week 4 but what you’ve seen here is week 5. I even managed to correct my legs mid handstand!

Each session from the end of week 4 saw me hitting multiple 5-6 second handstands. It’s all about keeping the practise going and building that endurance now.

The course fulfilled it's promise and then some. If you're serious about handstands and inversions, then this really does work.

No more timber!

Just so you know: I don’t benefit from sharing this link at all but if you are wanting to hit your first handstand, follow this link and sign up. If it can take a guy who daren’t go upside down to a 6 second hold, it works.


Kyle's instagram: @kyleweiger

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