How often should I do Yoga?

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

This question always arises, no matter what the exercise regime. 

How often should I be doing (gym, yoga, cardio, CrossFit...)?

I don’t think there is a scientific answer to any of it that says “this is the amount of time  p/week you should train”.


On one side, exercise everyday in some way shape or form, would be ideal. 

On the other, an hour a week is better than nothing...half an hour a week is better than nothing. 

My week

Everyone’s weekly schedule is different...since I have to be at home on a night to look after my little one whilst my wife works, this gives me the morning to Go to CrossFit 2-3x a week. 

On a night, I can spare half an hour to stretch and do yoga with an hour yin session on Sunday evening. 

I’m quite relaxed about missing a day here and there but the rule is I don’t miss two days in a row. 

This isn’t going to suit everyone so here are my thoughts given two scenarios.


Yoga is your only means of exercise

If Yoga is the only way you are going to train, then you have a bit more scope to mix styles and train more often, hitting every area of the fitness spectrum.

So for me, a day should be focused on mobility and on Yin Yoga so you have some maintenance work in there and keep your joints healthy.

That leaves you with 3x days to do strength and cardio style work, which is the recommended minimum, usually, that you spend in the gym (well, 2-3x days).

I would mix the remaining 3x sessions between Vinyasa and Hatha. My personal preference is Vinyasa, since it gets your heart rate up and builds strength, so win-win!

That’s a personal preference though, so 2 of those remaining sessions Vinyasa, the third being Hatha.

30 minute sessions are enough, although I would always aim to get the yin session in for an hour. Again, 30 minutes is better than nothing but if you think about it, yin poses are held for upto 5 minutes so an hour allows you the opportunity to hit more of your joints.

So this could look like…

  • Day 1 - 30 min, Vinyasa

  • Day 2 - Rest

  • Day 3 - 30 min, Hatha

  • Day 4 - Rest

  • Day 5 - 30 min, Vinyasa

  • Day 6 - 30 min, Mobility

  • Day 7 - 60 min, Yin

Yoga to supplement your existing program

Yoga is a great way to supplement your current training program, which is why ROMWod is so popular amongst Crossfitters, for example.

What you need to think about in this scenario are two things…

  1. What movement am I repeatedly doing / areas of the body am I constantly working?

  2. What are the gaps from my current program?

Typically, guys are tight and rounded in the chest, shoulders and hips. That could be a good starting point and a lot of gym guys focus on the upper body when getting their pump on, so it would make sense to do some work in this area.

However, it depends on what your current program is. A runner will have different needs to your normal gym buddy (for example, they’ll probably care about mobility and ROM in the joints).

Assuming a 3x day week in the gym, I would earmark Saturdays and Sundays for maintenance work. Mobility work on Saturday and an hour yin session on the Sunday. The focus here will be to increase performance in training and balancing out the areas being worked.

Don’t forget about your de-load or rest weeks either. Yoga would be an awesome way to just chill the body out from a heavy schedule, focusing on Hatha and Yin.

Your schedule could look like this.

  • Day 1 - Training

  • Day 2 - Rest

  • Day 3 - Training

  • Day 4 - 30 min, Hatha

  • Day 5 - Training

  • Day 6 - 30 min, Mobility

  • Day 7  - 60 min, Yin

You may need to make changes to suit your needs but let me know if you found this useful and how you are integrating yoga into your schedule.

In a bit.

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