How To Open Your Hips Whilst Watching Netflix

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

The hips are an area that most guys are tight in, mostly because of the daily life we lead, either at a desk or in the car. 

And then on a night, we sit and chill

But this isn’t doing our thighs and hips any good at all. 

The most common hip position and why it’s a problem

What this does for the hips is keep it in a constant state of flexion

Meaning the angle between our thigh bone and pelvis is closed

What this does to the muscle and fascia is cause them to tighten up since they are constantly pulling the thigh bone closer to the pelvis. 

A bit like a drawbridge.

The hip joint underneath all that will lose mobility. Later on in life, this will be a problem and if we have a problem here, it will be like trying to drive on a flat tyre

So we need to solve this problem before it’s too late. 

Open your hips whilst watching Netflix

There's one stretch that can be done whilst you’ve got the tele on. 

It’s phenomenal (and intense!) against a wall but can also be performed against the couch. 

I’m talking about the aptly named couch stretch

The couch stretch is a stretch that mostly targets the quads, the psoas and the tiny muscles that make up the joint. 

It’s easy to get into and maintain but that doesn’t mean it’s any less intense. 

Benefits of the couch stretch are...

  • Increased flexibility in the hips

  • Opens the door for better mobility

  • Can alleviate and prevent knee pain

  • And do it all whilst watching the tele!

How to get into couch stretch

  1. Start in table top position and back your feet up against the wall or the bottom of the sofa

  2. Start by bending your right knee and sliding your foot up against the wall or sofa cushion. We’re aiming to have the shin flush to whatever you are using. Point your toes. If you’re on a hard floor, pad the knee with a blanket.

  3. With your left leg, imagine you’re in a lunge position, with the foot on the floor, knee bent and knee over the ankle, so your shin is vertical.

  4. Take an inhale and start to straighten your torso, squeezing your glutes. You can rest your hands on your front leg here. 

  5. Push your hips forward towards the front leg for a deeper stretch, with your glutes still engaged. Be sure to not do this and overextend the spine. 

  6. Hold the stretch for a minute or two, if you can handle that. 

  7. To get out, reverse the steps, repeat on the other side. 

So, get stranger things on and work on your mobility whilst trying to make sense of the upside down. 

In a bit.

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