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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

My sole purpose is to be around for as long as possible for this little man

Hey, I’m Carl (nice to meet you virtually) and this is my blog, Yogi Begins.

A long time ago (what seems like too long ago), I was a personal trainer but failed miserably at running a business.

I do miss it though.

I loved every minute of being with people and seeing them get fitter and healthier. The time I had someone in front of me was some of my fondest memories in my professional career.

The real reason for getting into that line of work in the first place was to help people in their pursuit to not only be healthier but be happier. 

I struggled with what the topic of this blog should be. I knew I wanted to play some small part in this fitness community but does the world need another fitness guru? 

Probably not. 

There are people online and on insta that look far better than I do and who you would more likely trust, as a result of their own godlike physique.

The problem is there's more conversation around getting ripped and looking your best than looking after the foundation, your range of motion, joint health and all round flexibility.

As we get older, our range of movement, our postures and integrity of our joints deteriorate (generally speaking). This is all put down to “getting old”. But what if it didn’t have to be like this?

What if you could be active, longer, to enjoy your family, whether that be your partner, kids or grandkids?

What if you didn’t have limitations in your own body? What would you do with your time and this freedom?

What if your performance in a sport or the gym could increase as a result of better mobility?

When my son Thomas was born, these were all questions I asked of myself. I want to ensure that I’m around for as long as possible and able to enjoy watching him continue his journey to become an awesome human being.

Searching for people and resources to follow, that’s when it hit me that it's harder to find good resources on this subject than it is to find the next detox tea or guy flexing his abs with some irrelevant caption that's supposed to be motivational. Really, it was an excuse to show off the abs.

My own path into this search for longevity came in the form of Yoga. I’ve been doing some form of Yoga for quite some time now. Tim Senesi’s challenges on youtube were a great introduction into this world and I then discovered ROMWod from my peers at Crossfit Harrogate.

This was all to repair and relax after workouts. Now, my focus has shifted towards making Yoga an integral part of my weekly routine to preserve my range of motion in the muscles and joints. Plus, a good Vinyasa flow is actually a really fun workout.

So this blog is my own journey into Yoga and that search for longevity. Along the way, I’m posting what I learn through this experience in the hopes that you get something from it too.

Thank you for being here.


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