Top 4 Online Yoga Resources You Can't Live Without

I’m a bit of a nerd.

Whenever I get into something, I want to learn everything there is to know about it.

Yoga is no different. There are tons of stuff online to look through and most of it is on youtube in the form of videos.

If you want to read articles and step by step guides on better shoulders, individual poses and anything else yoga related, then these 4 resources are a great starting point.

Man Flow Yoga

Great website and resource for guys looking to make the move to start their yoga practise.

What’s great about Deans website is the focus on specific ailments or symptoms, so rather than just write a blog post about a pose, he’ll talk about things like bad shoulders and how to correct them or spinal decompression at home. Check him out!

Yoga Journal

Clue is in the name. Essential resource to learn the poses, styles of yoga and everything else yoga.

This is my go to if I’m looking for specifics so get this bookmarked!

Do You Yoga?

Another great resource for learning the basics but with an added benefit of a free 30 day challenge to get started. 

If you’re unsure about it then give this a try and see what you think.

Yoga International

More like an encyclopaedic website that you just can’t ignore.

It has everything, from articles to read, classes to do at home and, if you did enjoy it that much, you could even become a yoga teacher yourself.

Fantastic resource and one that shouldn’t be ignored.

Hope these help and let me know if you have found anything else that could have made the list.

In a bit.

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