Why You Shouldn't Focus On Losing Weight

“You won’t see a difference, you change your mind too much!”

I wasn’t great at sticking to anything but my massive, bodybuilding brother couldn’t understand why I changed my mind, yet again, from bulking to cutting.

“You need to put muscle on first before cutting, so you look leaner and more defined. You need the best part of a year to bulk up!”

Christ be with us, a year?! Of bicep curling and bench pressing? No thanks!

I always thought bodybuilding was a boring way to get in shape. Same workouts, just upping the weight each time. There may be subtle differences here and there but it’s the same. 4 sets, rest, repeat…forvever.

I always wanted to look lean, look great, just like everyone else but I had no reason to. I didn’t feel unhealthy, I just looked like a “fat skinny guy”.

You’ve got to love the wisdom of a bodybuilder!

I’ve jumped from program to 8 week program but it’s when I decided to find something I love to do, regardless of how I looked, I unknowingly stumbled on another way of doing things.

A better way of getting healthy for the long term.

Where you should focus your attention

For those looking for guidance to lose weight and get in shape, I can imagine you’re swamped with “21 days to this”, “Blitz fat in 4/8/12 weeks” programs.

You can lose weight in that time, 100%.

But what happens AFTER the 8 weeks?

One of the reasons people yo-yo isn’t just dieting but because they don’t have the knowledge or plan to keep going. The program stops and so do they.

At which point, they haven’t built that habit and that need into their weekly routine. The focus was on losing a stone, they got it and life goes back to normal. Normal being the reason they had that stone in the first place!

I changed my mindset and decided I wanted to be able to do a muscle up.

I wanted double unders.

I wanted handstand pushups.

I wanted the olympic lifts.

My focus changed to one of challenge. What benchmark could I surpass? What new exercise or movement can I achieve? I trusted that if I could do muscle ups, I would be in great shape anyway.

That shift was 3 and a half years ago.

And I'm in the best shape I ever have been!

What to do next

The truth is, you can lose weight with just a healthy, balanced diet.

Seriously, if that is just your sole goal and purpose,it can be done by just eating clean and healthy. No ridiculous “no carb” crap, just a balanced lifestyle of good food.

(Which is what everyone should be doing anyway.)

Get that right and you’re left with this…

Find something you genuinely enjoy doing and set yourself challenges within that sport.

Don’t do it because you feel you have to. If you don’t enjoy HIIT, don’t do it. 

Enjoy running? Increase the distance or try and beat your previous time.

Weights? Keep beating those personal bests.

Walking with the family? Just keep enjoying those moments!

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about exercising for a small period of time and moving on. To remain healthy, It’s about enjoying the journey, the time you spend doing it and personal achievement. 

I challenge you to think differently and focus on progression and achievement. Along with eating healthy.

The rest will take care of itself.

In a bit.

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